15 Expert Content Writing Tips for Creating Blog Posts

You would be surprised to know that more than five million people blog on a daily basis.

This means there are at least a hundred million active blog sites indexed on Google.

People are making thousands of dollars annually with regular blogging.

If you have good content writing skills, then you can easily make a living with a blog site.

If you are planning on starting your very own blog site, then it is best that you read this post.

 Here in this guide article, we have listed 15 expert content writing tips that can help you create the perfect blog post.

It is important that you consider these tips if you want to grow your blog and take it to the top search results.

15 Helpful Content Writing Tips for Bloggers in 2023

Out of hundreds of tips & tricks, here in this post, we have picked the fifteen most helpful ones:

1.     Gather Relevant Ideas

You need to gather as many interesting ideas as you can if you want to create the best blog post.

Today readers are more interested in reading content based on fresh ideas.

As a blogger, it is important that you always keep a notepad with you so that you can jot down any idea relevant to your niche that comes to your mind.

Your blogs should be a source of entertainment and information for the reader, so make sure you spend time in ideation ample.

2.     Know Your Readers

Before you start writing a blog post, it is important that you know who your readers are.

Without knowledge about your target audience, you can never create a well-performing blog post.

When you have selected a niche on which you want to base your blog, it is best that you find people who would be interested in your drafts.

You have to do proper research and define your audience.

You need to highlight which generation, gender, and society would be most intrigued by your content.

3.     Check Out Your Competitors

As we have mentioned earlier, the blogging industry has become immensely competitive.

It is important that you check out your competitor’s blogs and the type of content they are publishing.

 It would be a smart move to keep an eye on your competition.

It would help you know what kinds of topics perform well and which ones don’t.

Learning from the failure of your competitors and improvising their work is the best way to boost your blog while saving your resources.

4.     Choose a Catchy Topic

Once you know what your competitors are doing, it is important to choose your blog topic.

To get the maximum audience, it is best that you choose a topic related to the latest trends related to your niche.

You can use online tools like Google Trends to find out what your target audience would be interested in.

try to pick peculiar and catchy topics which can get you the maximum response from the traffic.

5.     Do Some Research

Once you have selected a topic, you need to search for it online.

It is best that you collect information related to the topic from relevant articles or journals.

There are many online research tools that can help you find the most relevant data on the topic.

During the research work, it is important that you note down all the important points that you want to add to your blog post.

6.     Create an Outline

In blog writing, it is important that you follow a formal outline.

No one is interested in reading content from one big paragraph.

You need to break the post into multiple sections.

In each section, you need to discuss important points you have noted during the research stage.

The outline should have as many headings and subheadings as possible.

7.     Use Intriguing Headlines

Your blog post needs to be catchy. You need to make sure that the title and the headings you use in the blog are eye-catching.

If you are able to win the interest of the audience through your headlines, you can easily engage them for a longer time.

It is best to take help from online headline analyzer tools for writing the most compelling headings and subheadings.

8.     Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords are important if you want to get traffic to your blog post.

Without using relevant keywords in your content, there is no way you can get organic traffic.

You can find out the most relevant and highly searched keywords by using online keyword research tools.

Keywords cannot only help you get organic traffic, but they can also help you make a position in the higher search results.

9.     Write Specific and To-The-Point Text

Today people don’t have much time to read unnecessary content in blog posts.

If you want to engage a reader and build a long-term relationship, then you need to focus on conciseness.

Make sure your text is clear and to the point so that readers can collect the most information in the least time.

10.  Use Images/Visuals in Your Blog

Readers today are quite fussy. There is a very small number of people who would be interested in reading textual content today.

Experts recommend that your blog post should have a combination of both text and visual elements.

Adding images related to the title of your post would increase reader engagement by more than 60%. You should use copyright-free images wherever possible.

11.  Check Content for Typos & Technical Errors

Once you have written your blog post, it is important that you check and ensure that it is free of all human errors.

In the past, you had to hire a professional proofreader for this purpose, but today you can easily do it.

It is with the help of online grammar checker tools.

These tools can help you find and remove all typos from your drafts.

12.  Check Your Blog for Plagiarism

Our blog should be free of plagiarism.

You have to make sure that your blog content doesn’t match another relevant source intentionally or unintentionally.

If your content has duplication in it, then it is going to piss off the search engine and your readers.

Before posting a blog article, it is best to scan it with a plagiarism checker tool.

13. Repurpose Old Posts if Necessary

The main purpose of your blog is to inform and entertain readers.

It is not humanly possible to always write content based on new ideas and research.

Sometimes it is best to paraphrase your old top-performing posts. You can repurpose your old content with the help of a rephraser.

This would help you create a new article in less than a minute without worrying about plagiarism.

A paraphrase tool can help you rewrite already written content without changing its original idea.

All you have to do is borrow content from your old drafts and paste them into the input box of the tool.

After providing input text, you need to click on the ‘Rephrase’ button.

The tool would restate the input content in a unique style and tone. The new text would appear in the output box.

The online paraphrasing tool is very easy to use and can help you save a lot of time and energy wasted on manual paraphrasing.

The online paraphrase tool can also be used to rewrite duplicate content highlighted by a plagiarism checker tool. Try the best sentence rephraser today!

14. Add Links to Relevant Sources

Backlinks are a very important part of your content.

These are directory links that can drive traffic from other sites to yours.

It is important that you add links to relevant and high-authority sources who are working in similar niches as yours.

This would help you win the interest of the search engine and win a better position in SERPs.

15.  Try Using Relevant CTAs

Call-to-action is very important as it helps you keep your audience engaged with you in the long run.

You can add CTAs to direct your reader to another post or to another site/blog.

If you are writing promotional or informational content about a certain service or product, then it is important to give a relevant CTA at the end so that the reader can complete the action (if interested).


Today blogging has become a common business/startup option. If you want to make good money while working from home and have good writing skills, then it is best that you keep these tips into consideration.

These basic yet important tips & tricks from experts will surely help you be successful in a short time!