B.Tech Industrial Training

What is Industrial training?

“Industrial training” refers to a programme that aims to provide well-managed practical training in a specific length of time. This training is available from both the government and private sector.

Students receive vital practical information and skills through industrial training, which helps them achieve their aim of being successful and top professional engineers.

Engineering industrial training is a critical component of the curriculum since it gives you the hands-on experience of a real-time job. As a corporate trainee, you’ll be doing a lot of studying and gaining on-the-job training. During industrial training, students may use what they’ve learned in class and reach their full potential.

A student’s time in industrial training is also a period for learning and professional development. As an undergraduate with minimal knowledge of what this training includes, we’ve compiled a list to assist you in preparing.

Benefits of Industrial Training?

Industrial Training has several benefits such as: 

  • Understand the internal functioning of an organization:

You will have little to no knowledge of how firms operate being an amateur in the field. While working in the organization, you will observe the decisions and conversations that shape the firm as a member of any organization, giving you a more excellent grasp of the industry’s internal operations.

  • Professionalism: 

You will study several critical elements of the industries as a trainee. A company’s behavioural standards and professional characteristics are an integral part of that. Students are also required to not only comprehend but also apply these principles. 

  • Soft Skills: 

Your educational background is just one aspect that affects your capacity to work in any industry. Businesses and sectors are looking for professionals that can think ahead of their academic peers. These specialists must be proficient in soft skills to make good interactions with the client. During your industrial training, this is the best opportunity to learn and practise these skills. 

  • Smooth Communication: 

As a corporate employee, you will need to communicate with many departments to perform your work. You must be able to organize work across departments and effectively communicate your requirements to them. Working settings are an excellent environment in which to learn this.

Why do BTech students need industrial training?

Students must complete Industrial Training (IT) to prepare themselves for placement in their chosen field. It’s a chance for you to put everything you’ve learned at university into practice in real-world situations comparable to those you’ll encounter when you start your career. Industrial training gives you essential experience during your degree, such as:

  • Put your technical skills to the test in a real-world scenario.
  • Collaborate with other industry experts.
  • Get a taste of what it’s like to work in a corporate environment.
  • Boost your technical, interpersonal, and communication capabilities.
  • Examine how engineers connect with people from different professions.
  • Observe how businesses and corporations operate and are structured.

Who can enrol for the industrial training program we have for BTech industrial training at DMC?

Industrial training is required for any student who aspires to be a company leader and has a firm grasp of industrial ethics. Regardless of your educational or academic experience, whether you’re from a technical or non-technical background, the industry’s requirement for qualified employees is similar in both fields.

CS Student/ CSE Student/ IT Student/ Computer Science/ Information Student/ BTech / BE Student/ MTech Student/ BCA Student/ MCA Student/ B.Sc Student/ M.Sc Student.

Students pursuing technical and non-technical courses can follow this training—this training help in refining your skillset. At DMC, we have been providing BTech industrial training in Jaipur for years which has helped give exponential growth to several students. 

Programs offered for BTech industrial training at DMC.

The B.Tech Internship Training Program is designed to help computer science and engineering students prepare for careers in development. DMC has developed B. Tech Industrial Training in the Jaipur curriculum allows students to study the foundations and advanced programming languages and other web development technologies to get jobs and be more potent in the tech sector than other graduates.

During their industrial training, students will learn under the supervision of a professional and work hands-on. Our instructors work in the industry for at least five years and have a wealth of knowledge in their respective professions. Digital Marketing Crab is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a premier B. Tech Internship Institute in Jaipur.

Courses offered by DMC are:

1. Website Designing and Development (Front and End)


3. HTML5

4. CSS

5. CC3

6. JavaScript

7. JQuery 

8. PHP

9. My SQL

10. Mobile Application Development

We offer several other courses. You can contact us to know more about the training provided by us. 

Why should a student choose DMC?

To suit the expectations of today’s business and management sectors, the curriculum for BTech industrial training courses is carefully researched and designed by MNC specialists. Students would be aware of the BTech domain and software after finishing BTech industrial training in Jaipur at Digital Marketing Carb. Here are some of the most important concepts we learned during our training.

• Technology training and real-time project development can help you identify fresh and undiscovered talent. 

• Examine your collegiate experience from a different viewpoint.

• It improves your CV.

• Technology training that is 100 per cent practical.

• Earn academic credit and achieve educational objectives.

• Experiential learning and exposure

Eligibility: Any student enrolled in BTech and MTech courses.

Program Features

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Duration: 6 months

How to apply: (To be added)